Q:  What are the ingredients of your handcrafted, local dog food?

A:  We have the capacity and flexibility to custom blend any locally available ingredient into our standard, uniquely tailored dog food. In fact, we are considering doing signature blends for partner kennels. We had to start somewhere, so for now, we offer a beef, fruit and vegetable blend. It includes locally produced, non-feedlot, 10-14 day dry-aged beef, beef liver, beef bone dust, Certified Organic apples, Certified Organic carrots, Certified Organic black kale, and Certified Organic sea kelp. The ratio of meat/organ protein to fruit/veg is 80/20 by weight; an optimum ratio supported by research.

Q:  Why raw dog food?

A: Check out the internet; talk to your vet; meet someone who had a sick dog and then switched to raw food. Do research, read books, make up your own mind. Question motives. Love your pet. Raw is not for everyone.

Q:  My dog is allergic to beef.  Any other proteins on the horizon?

A: Is your dog allergic to human-grade toxin-free pure beef meat and offal, or allergic to pet-food quality beef-protein-meal? There’s a pretty striking difference if you’ve ever had either one spatter your face or stain your clothes. Smell a bin, or meet a bovine that has been deemed ‘pet food quality’— it may have entered the processing plant as a bloated carcass. That being said, our partner-processing facility (the lovingly family-run Sangudo Custom Meat Packers) does processing runs of lamb, bison, rabbit, goat, elk, and domestic deer. These runs are extremely limited, and unpredictable, so setting up a regular expectation of dog food using these proteins is a bit unfair (at this point) to you and your dog. Keep an eye out for ‘special runs’ in the future, and once things are up and going with beef, we will definitely consider other small-batch runs.

Q:  Cat food?

A: Not at this time, but yeah, we’ve got the potential. Cat food volumes are so much smaller that delivery costs become pretty absurd unless you’re buying a year’s worth of it at a time—sacrificing freshness, not to mention your own freezer space. We do love cats, though, and are working on the logistics of making this a reality by the end of 2015.

Q:  Why organic ingredients?

A: Our health is all many of us have. We do the best we can for ourselves, and we can do better than we have been doing for our pets. The costs are not prohibitive, and, as operators of a very small organically certified mixed farm, as well as an organically certified meat processing plant (Sangudo Custom Meat Packers), we understand the benefits of Certified Organic better than most. It’s worth it to us, and we hope it’s worth it to you as well! We’d love to see enough organic beef production in the province to support an all-organic product (protein as well as the currently Certified Organic fruit/veg) at a reasonable price. We’re working on making this an option, so stay tuned!

Q:  Where do you deliver and when?

A: We deliver to Edmonton and surrounding areas once a month. When you place your order, we will contact you directly to set up your deliver date.