Welcome to the exclusive raw food delivery club for discerning pet owners! Butcher’s Dog is Alberta’s first and only butcher-curated, handcrafted, locally sourced, ethically produced, human-grade, delivered-to-your-door, organic ingredient, raw frozen dog food company. Members receive top quality complete meal frozen dog food—delivered monthly, with unprecedented value (aka affordable price)! Inspired by the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food holistic pet food renaissance, the team at Butcher’s Dog seeks to produce the very best natural and sensible dog food available anywhere.


We have been feeding our own family of pooches raw food for nearly fifteen years, and take a tremendous amount of care and pride in selecting each carrot, apple, and cut of meat that goes into every small, hand-crafted batch. Through participation in a partnership of our very own Provincially Inspected meat-processing facility—located at Sangudo, Alberta (about an hour northwest of Edmonton)—we have access to the most incredible Alberta-grown, humanely handled, locally-raised, fresh meats and offal, which we carefully blend with hand-selected, Certified Organic fruits & vegetables, and natural supplements shipped to us weekly care of an amazing relationship with Danny Turner and his family at Edmonton’s very own The Organic Box.

Butcher’s Dog loves artisanal local producers who ethically raise their own animals, we employ the most strict humane handling and slaughtering practices. We use locally sourced (organic whenever possible) ingredients and have a passion for making a product designed to nurture the intense animal-human bond that develops between a person and their pet.

Certified Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Butcher’s Dog is about bringing convenience, value, common sense, and NUTRITION back to our pets, one delivery at a time! We hope you not only enjoy the food we prepare, but participate in the discussion as our ‘club’ seeks to repatriate our pets’ health through careful consideration and a commitment to absolute quality.